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Born in Naples where she lives and works, Alessandra Franco is a multi-faceted, visionary artist who seeks to formalize emotions through a variety of mediums; ranging from sculpture to painting and  video art.

Having completed both an Archaeology and Art Direction and Visual Communication degree at the European Institute of Design in Rome Alessandra has acquired a broad cross section of experience in the visual arts that has led to her collaboration with several important artists in the music world , theatre and advertising.

Exhibitions and performance

She has created and exhibited numerous installations and video mapping for Public Authorities and participated in exhibitions among which:

Needing Praying_Video Installations_Complesso di Sant’Antonellino_Sede Brau _Napoli

Desiderum_Video Installations_City of Tivoli, Rocca Pia Castle (Rome)

Archè _Video Art on Temple of Neptune in Paestum 2017;

Face to Face –Project video art on bell _Artists from the collection of Ernesto Esposito, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, 2016;

Face to Face – Artists from the collection of Ernesto Esposito, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, 2016;

Imago VocisCity of Tivoli, Festival TIVOLI CHIAMA , Rocca Pia Castle (Rome);

Medi MariMostra D’oltremare  Exhibition, Naples all in 2015;

Icons Sculpture_Night of Art Naples 2014;

Alto Festival,  Ex Voto visionary Love Performing Arts Festival for Human redevelopment Urbana, Napoli 2012;

ExVotoVisionary Love  2011 Basilica  San Domenico Maggiore  in Naples

Outside Time 2010 Italsider in Bagnoli – Torre Coke.


A place of to be with love and freedom

Alessandra Franco’s artistic research has long since been explored for the profound relationship between the symbols of classical art and the diverse scenographic possibilities in the use of new technologies. The aim is to lead the spectator into a new and contemporary visual narrative of places, works of art and myths dear to an educational memory deeply linked to the cultural heritage of his territory that the artist invades with his own creativity transforming it into Support of his work.

Pioneer in Italy among the women active in visual arts, realizes his projects with the help of the latest digital projection techniques has a university education as Archaeologist of Cultural Heritage followed by a specialization in Direction and Visual Communication obtained at the Institute European Design of Rome with over ten years of experience and collaborations with the world of electronic music and contemporary visual design.

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